CLASSROOM: Your Valid Driver License is needed so bring it along. We suggest also bringing water, snacks & food for breaks and mealtime.

MANDATORY Riding Gear as per State of Florida:

Proper riding gear must be worn to participate in the BRC:

·       Long sleeve top or shirt (covering to wrists, no holes)

·       Long sturdy pants, preferably jeans (no holes/rips; no sweats/track pants/stretchies)

·       Sturdy footwear covering over-the-ankle (boots, high-top sneakers; non-slip soles; flat/low heel; no canvas/soft uppers/long laces)

·       Eyewear protection (sunglasses, clear or prescription glasses, visors or goggles)

·       Gloves covering entire hand to wrist (full finger, no holes)

·       Helmet DOT approved (if you do not own a helmet, we have helmets for you to use)


Suggested Things to bring

·       Lots of water, snacks & packed lunch/dinner (in a cooler bag, ice packed if you want)

·       Change of clothes (optional; if you want to change after the riding exercises)

·       Outerwear in case of rain (optional)


*NOTE: This personal protection gear is required in the BRCu for your safety by the FLMTS, the MSF and the Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP). All the Gear, All the Time “ATTGATT” while mounted on and riding the motorcycles is mandatory in order for you to participate in the BRCu.