CLASSROOM: Your Valid Driver License is needed so bring it along. We suggest also bringing water, snacks & food for breaks and mealtime.

RIDING RANGE: GEAR & SUPPPLIES YOU NEED in order to participate:

Required Riding Gear* Details
Pants, long-to-the-foot, sturdy, with non-flare leg-bottoms. Denim or equivalent or more durable material. Jeans are okay. Not baggy.

No cuffs, holes or tears whatsoever.

No spandex, cotton or stretchy gym leggings.

T-shirt, dress shirt or jacket, long-sleeved covering wrist. Reaching the hand, no holes or ‘arm sleeves’
Gloves, full-fingered & sturdy, meets or beyond your wrist. Preferably leather.

No holes or openings anywhere.

Motorcycle, gardening, mechanics, or batting gloves are fine. No rubber gloves.

Footwear, over-the-ankle & sturdy. Must cover your ankle & provide support, low to no heel. Preferably boots & leather with rubber soles for traction.

Motorcycle boots, sports or hiking shoes are fine.

No fabric or canvas, no dress boots or thick-toed boots. Heel maximum 1.5 inches.

Eye protection. Sunglasses, prescription glasses, clear or tinted glasses, goggles or visor (face shield) are fine.
Helmet, DOT compliant: We provide you with a helmet. Or bring your own. Personal helmets (1/2, 3/4 or full face) must be DOT compliant & in good condition.
Motorcycles: We provide you with a motorcycle. Only the FLMTS motorcycles can be used.


Suggested Additional Supplies Details
Rain gear, a towel & a change of clothes, head to toes. We ride shine or rain! A safe rider always checks the weather before leaving home.
Sunscreen, bug repellant, a hat &/or bandana. Riding fun-in-the-sun protection.
Lots of water, snacks & food. For lots of hydration and riding energy!

*NOTE: This personal protection gear is required in the BRCu for your safety by the FLMTS, the MSF and the Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP). All the Gear, All the Time “ATTGATT” while mounted on and riding the motorcycles is mandatory in order for you to participate in the BRCu.